Another Week Bites the Dust

What a long few weeks it's been.  It's been relatively eventful, so without further adieu, I give you a dozen victories and small happinesses from this week.
1. I successfully upped my weekly run count to 5 and got in a swim - first one in almost 2 months.
2. The little kitty is eating like a champ thanks to her steroids and started her B12 shots.
3. The Fat Guy is the best pillow buddy of all time.
4. Tiffany blue nail polish (and for only $2.99).
5. A great long run, faster than most of my short ones this week.
6. A small break from class. I did some homework, but nothing was due.
7. Next week is the final week of class. The following week is finals.
8. Fresh cobia.
9. Baseball.
10. A 4th or 5th week in a row of planning and cooking tasty, healthy dinners for the week.
11. Mom is keeping food down for the first time in a few weeks and sounding perky.
12. I have enough gas to get me where I need to go.  This sounds simplistic and corny, but sometimes, when things are crazy, the best feeling is the simple feeling of knowing you have enough.
Here's to another productive week.

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