Sometimes, Life Takes You Places

There is no nice way to say this: this morning's run blew chunks. I was really pooped.  I don't know if it was a thy-low or I'm tired from two weeks of racing capped off by an AWESOME group ride yesterday (despite the wind we still averaged almost 20mph - front group 20, back group 19.5-19.8). 

Either way, it sucked.

When I'm tired I usually push through it.  I tell myself if I really, truly feel bad I'll do one mile and come home.  Sometimes that's one mile total; sometimes that's one mile out and back.   (Today it was the latter.)  I've mentioned the summer I had my surgery ad nauseum - you know, the one where I just got up one morning and said, "no matter what I do I'm still going to feel bad, so I may as well train."  Well, my friend Becky put it even better today: "Even on a bad run day I feel good to have gotten out of bed."  I'm still exchausted, but I'm exhausted with 2 more miles in the bank.

There's a lot of my life that's in flux right now.  Depending on where I get into school, I may end up where I am or another part of town, or another state.  I didn't go through this for undergrad - I went to a hometown college while I worked full-time.  So this is a new experience for me.

Life takes us a lot of places.  Some of them we expect; some of them we don't.  Another great point Becky got me thinking about was that, sometimes training (like life) is not so much about the destination as it is the journey.

This is the group from yesterday's ride.  I love these guys.  I hope if I have to move I find cycling buddies I like this much.

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