World's Shortest Race Report

First road race in the books!!!! Harder in some ways than I expected; easier in others.  Never even got ON the pack to get shaken; had to do the whole thing alone.  STILL, this was my fastest solo ride WITHOUT the luxury of aerobars and only 1 mph slower than my fastest ride EVER of this distance. 

Interesting lessons learned:
  1. A lot of recreational riders ride Trek, but a LOT of the racers ride Specialized.
  2. Need more bikes!  Wish I had a bike for road races and crits, and another one just for time trials and triathlons.
  3. Biggest rule of bike racing isn't STAY with pack, it's GET WITH PACK FROM THE BEGINNING!  When the start goes off, they GO LIKE BATS OUT OF HELL.
  4. Going to do a few road races before I attempt ANY crit.

Finally, BIGGEST lesson learned:

Cyclists go hard.
Harder than marathoners.
Harder than triathletes.

I want to be a cyclist when I grow up.

Next week I have a 5k.  My goal is to go like a cyclist.

More to follow later in the week, I am SURE.

Week in Song Lyrics is a Repeat: Breathe Caroline's I'm Only Getting Started

Caught up and I can't feel my hands

No need to chase
Can you relate?
Can you keep up the pace like you're dying for this?
I'm only getting started
I won't blackout
(This time I've got nothing to waste)
Let's go a little harder
(I'm on fire)
I won't blackout
I'm on my way
I'm only getting started

1 tidbits of wizdom:

Molly said...

Totally impressed that you braved that! Cyclists kind of scare me :)