I've Hit the Big Time, aka Look Ma I'm Famous Part II

A while back, my local running store sent out this Newsletter.  I think it was 2010 or '11.  The happy smiling runner down in the lefthand corner under Knightro the UCF mascot is me.  (I hope this is an omen that I am going to be a UCF PhD student soon.)

Here I am down here under Knightro . . . smiling
Today a friend tags me on Facebook because I have now also made it to a Danskin ad.

Apparently, I am either a very happy athlete or just have exceptional timing.

Or both.

This is extra awesome because the person with whom I was a Swim Angel was the person who helped me get introduced to my current training friends.

The last set of pictures on the right is us in our yellow Swim Angel shirts holding our noodles.
I'm the second to last on the far right - the shortest person here - sandwiched between two women . . .
and smiling

So cool.

Anyway, that's all I got for today because I am still sick as hell and I'm not playing the oh-let's-see-if-I-CAN-train-today game and getting sicker.

I know who ends up winning that game.

Happy Thursday.

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Karen said...

VERY cool! I love that picture of you in the first ad. :)