The Sunday Ride I Crush Them

If you haven't already, you may want to watch this topical viral video before proceeding. It will lend some context.

I don’t consider myself a particularly fast or noteworthy athlete, so you’d never catch me bragging effusively like this guy about ludicrous speed and/or blatant disregard for safety and guidelines. But something happened to me today (for the very first time) that made me think of this video.

I walked into the shop for the Wednesday morning ride and discovered I was the only girl.  This isn't uncommon since cycling is a male-dominated sport. I was tired and, to be honest, I hadn't eaten a "gonna have a hard workout to fuel" kind of dinner the night before, so I really wanted to just hang out in the back and cruise.  Plus, I've had the Post-Race Lazies (PRL) for a while now.  (PRL is when you end your race program or training season and you are so over working hard all year that you don't want to do anything besides maintain.)

Out of nowhere, the guy who runs the store said, “Hey, take it easy on them today, MAJ.”

I looked around to make sure he was talking to me, Ms. Post-Race-Lazies-Plus-I’m-Worried-The-Fast-People-Will-Drop-Me-So-I-Ride-In-the-Back.

He was, in fact, talking to me.   “I heard you crushed them on the Sunday ride,” he continued.

(Now you know why I made you watch the video)

I seriously had to stifle a laugh because "crushing them" is SO not my style.  "I-I guess that’s good?” I stammered.

“It is,” he said. “Not good for the guys who got chicked, but good for you.”

I was still looking around like there was someone behind me. On one hand I was laughing because he said "chicked."  On the other hand, I was thinking Crap, now everyone is going to expect me to be fast. I can’t hide in the back and make this a recovery ride like I was planning.

But you know what happened?  I rode with the front group instead of the back group.   And the first part of the ride was actually really easy.  I got pooped and dropped back a little at the end, but the point was I didn't take the easy way out.  I decided, if someone - even jokingly - thinks I'm capable of being a strong athlete, it will make me work that much harder to make it a reality.  

Even if I'm not exactly "crushing them."

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CautiouslyAudacious said...

You showed up so you are strong... Way to show they 'em how to be "chicked" I have been in PRL mode far too long.... There are so many vocabulary words I need to learn :-)