Riding 4 Ronald

Here it is!  The t-shirt we get for participating in the 2011 Ride 4 Ronald!

I am so excited I can hardly stand myself!  I am doing both my first bike tuneup and my first century ride this weekend!  I feel like a “real” cyclist! 

As of this moment, I am also the #4 fundraiser out of 50 for the ride.  I earned a commemorative jersey that I can’t wait to receive and wear. 

I wanted to take a quick minute and express how truly grateful I am to everyone who has brought me to this point.  Some of you gave me training or nutrition or bike maintenance advice; some of you helped me HTFU on long rides; some of you donated to the RMHCC; some of you have listened to me whine about saddle sores or scream about how excited I am. 

For all of these things, I am eternally grateful!

No matter what happens, I have already come way farther than I ever imagined: a 60- to 80-mile ride every weekend for more than 8 weeks, at a pace I used to maintain only for short rides - I even made some good friends and a some money for a very good cause.

It is a happy coincidence that my 3 “Iron” events are in the order of a triathlon: swim (done), bike (Sunday), run (November).

Here’s to the “IronMAJ” event being almost complete, to the David’s World/Seminole Cyclist Team and to the Ronald McDonald House!

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Karen said...

How exciting! I hope you have a great experience :)