My ass hurts.  And I ate cheese fries tonight.

CHEESE FRIES!  WTF was I thinking?  I haven't eaten anything like that in . . .  well . . . years!  Since I've been sick I have been having the weirdest junk cravings: pizza, chocolate, and cheese fries.  This from the girl who eats completely plain, unsweetened, old-fashioned oatmeal and fruit smoothies with absolutely no sugar added for breakfast and all protein-and-veggie dinners.

Speaking of food . . . . sitting to eat hurts.  (Sitting to do anything hurts.)

Technically, it's more the area between my lady parts and my inner thigh that hurts.  I feel like I lost a battle with a very low-blowing enemy.  Or I fell off the very steep cliff on the side of Mount Assmore.  

I can't believe I rode 140 miles last week like this.  (Well, it wasn't nearly that bad then, but still.)
SO I went off to the store for some Butt Paste and some pain-relief triple antibiotic so I'm prepared to combat this bastard if/when it strikes again.

That's all my lazy, sore (and hopefully not fat) ass has for today.

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