Ready to Rock'n'Roll

This day is going absolutely perfectly. I started out a bit frazzled, because there was just so much to do, but everything is falling together! Errands are run. Bags are mostly packed. Legs are stretched, iced, soaked, and massaged.  I made the B a t-shirt that says GO D NATION! on the back and TEAM MAJ on the front.

I'm prepared for my first destination marathon in 4 years.

I went on my last run before the race this morning. My legs are still not 100%, but they are nowhere near as lead-like as they were. I'm hoping two more days and another dedicated hour of stretching and self-massage tomorrow will help.

I just can't believe how far I've come. To beat my fundraising goal, to PR all season, to be this ready two days prior to the Big Race - it seems like not PRing on Sunday is virtually impossible!

But I'm trying to do a better job of being as process-oriented (less outcome-focused) in my racing life as I am in my everyday life. AND, when I do that, I really step back and see this Marathon, this fundraiser, this whole experience, for what it really is.

1.  A chance to give back.
2.  A way to connect with friends and family, and make new friends, that I never anticipated.
3.  A fun weekend in New Orleans.
4.  A chance to get away for some romance I desperately need.
5. A way to stay healthy and keep kicking cancer's ass. 

That's something no acronym - not PR, not even DNF - can take away.

Let the good times roll.
I'm still looking for Cancer Ass-Kickers.  Will YOU step up with us?

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