I did something crazy

Did you miss me?

Were you gone?

No, but I did something crazy last week.

Crazy, you say?

Uh-oh  . . . Tea's grabbing the blankie right about now.

I took a week off.

You did what?

I took a week off.


As many years as I've been racing, I know I still don't know it all.  That's where having the help of D3 Multisport has been awesome.  They've been the msot flexible, helpful, and affordable coaches I've ever worked with.  And I still get the coaching advice I need so I'm not OD'ing or undertraining.

The other nice thing about having professional help is that, when someone says to me, I don't know why you're doing that workout or what is UP with your workout schedule, anyway? I can know that I'm making good decisions because I'm backed by people who know what they're talkin' bout.

It's BEEN COLD!  I mean COLD!  I had to dress for 20- to 30-degree weather just about every day in the past TWO WEEKS!  YEESH!!!!
I'm waiting on bloodwork results again.  6 weeks later, still not feeling the improvement from my synthroid increase - kinda feeling hypo again.  This has affected my training, but I am still able to (for the most part) put in  about 30 miles a week.

I am also pleased to announce that the phenomenal Terra Mia has agreed to host a dinner where they donate part of the proceeds from a shift at their Longwood location to my American Cancer Society fundraiser!


Until then, working on the Resolution List.  Still topping it with It's Never To Late To Be The Person You've Always Wanted To Be and Be More Grateful.

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