Not out of the woods . . . but ya gotta keep on keepin' on

Saw the endo today! Good news and bad.

The bad: My TSH is still higher than he woud like, which explains why I was feeling hypothyroid last week. Next time I go in we will discuss my thyroglobulin and have an ultrasound. Only then will I be close to being out of the woods.  (NED = no evidence of disease.)

Thyca is different than other cancers regarding staging. I'm only Stage 1 because of my age. Thyca goes more by age than by metastasis. I do have metastasis to lymph nodes, which would suggest a more advanced stage of cancer for non-thyroid-cancer patients. However, they'll ultrasound the entire area some time after February. My next endo appointment is the week before New Orleans!

Also, My B12 and D are still a bit low.

The good: my weight is down about 15 pounds and my cholesterol is normal for the first time in my life. We're increasing my synthroid, B12 and D and keeping active and focusing on diet as I have been.

Got my new sunglasses.  Thanks to my Nike Crush shades for breaking, I got these.  The optometrist wanted to keep them for his display case because they're so sexy.  If the lenses on these get jacked up, I just order new ones . . .  at half the price of an entire new pair of shades.

Continuing the taper!!  It's making me nuts.  I'm feeling kind of fat and sluggish.  Keep telling myself it's just my mind paying tricks on me, because when I *do* work out, my paces are still great.  It's cool here today and I'll be doing a combo in a bit.  Not looking forward to the nipple-itis that is sure to occur during today's swim in 50-degree weather. :-/

I told someone the other day that, ever since I accepted that I can only do my best, not only do I feel happier with everything, including training.  But, even better than that - my best is becoming better.  And not just because that's my perception, but I think it's because I let go of all that energy I was spending worrying about how much better I could be doing!!

Finally, remember that November is Lung Cancer Awareness month. Lung cancer is how I lost Uncle Bill. Lung cancer is not just a smoker's disease and is the #1 killer of women! Check out for more facts.

Stay tuned for the Preliminary List of Honorees! My singlet's going to be filled with names and I will be sharing them with you in my next e-mail update!  (Not getting my e-mail training updates for New Orleans?  E-mail me at to get on the list!)

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