I'm in Miami, B . . . aka Let the PR s Roll . . .aka the Miami Man Race Report

I'm proud to say that THE YEAR OF THE PR CONTINUES.

This year, I have logged personal bests at the following distances:

  • marathon
  • sprint tri
  • 15k
  • 5 miles
  • international tri

International, you say?

Let's begin at the beginning.

Pop/hip-hop/electronica group LMFAO has a song that's about partying in Miami.  The radio edit is called I'm in Miami, Trick, but the real song is titled I'm in Miami, Bitch.  So that's what I sang all weekend. And, truthfully, I was thinking, Miami IS my bitch.

Thaaaaat's not quite how it went down.

This was the MOST NERVOUS I'VE EVER BEEN FOR ANY RACE.  EVER!  Even for FL 70.3 I wasn't this nervous.  I think from now on I won't allow myself so much prep time.  An extra day to drive down, almost 2 hours of hanging out for my wave to start . . . all increased my nervousness.

The weekend included lots of nerves, no real bowl movements, two brand-new tires thanks to one flat gained on the way down, 4-5 hours of driving each way, a good amount of water inhaled on the swim, and a dose of extra-strength Alka Seltzer to the rescue to prevent me from barfing post-race so we could drive home.  The B wasn't allowed in the gates on the swim start with me so I stood around like a nervous Nellie by myself.  On the run, I spent the first 3 miles doing an 11-minute pace and the last 3 missing all the animals while I tried not to barf.

The result?  Not the 3 hours flat I'd hoped.  But an almost 40-minute PR.

The closest thing I've done to an International is an Oly.  My Oly time was 3:53.  The time for this race was 3:14.  Since the distances were different, that equates to:
  • about 18 seconds faster per 100 on the swim
  • #3 T1 time in my AG
  • 2 mph faster on the bike
  • #7 T2 time in my AG
  • 30 seconds per mile faster on the swim
So, while Miami may not be my bitch, I definitely showed up.  My months of training and the support of the D3 team over at BT proved that budgets and tough times in healthcare are no real obstacle. 

Sorry that this isn't more profound!  I will have more to add later as I am EXHAUSTED from my first day back at work after MY FIRST WEEKEND OFF in WEEKS and NEW glasses.

Now (after a brief rest) it's on to MARDI GRAS BABY! 

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