Toeing the Line (7 weeks left)

Speaking of having feet in my shoes..

I think I have sesamoiditis
The big toe on my right foot, as well as the area around the ball of my foot, have been pretty sore for the past week.  As a result, I can feel the muscles in my right leg beginning to compensate.  Although I've had minor top-of-foot and big-toe aches in my feet before, they were remedied with rest and flat shoes.  With no real chance for flats and a record 8 days without a rest day, I have not seen the relief this time.

On a scale of 1-10, this is about a 5, maybe a 6.  So . . . better to get it checked out now before it's a 7+.
I know this is a result of wearing super-high heels constistently combined with increased running and speedwork, but mostly the heels (since running sometimes feels better than wearing the heels does!)

Tomorrow I go see an orthopod who can give me the scoop on the poop.

In the meantime, I'm wearing flats (which I hate, and only own about 2 pair of), and I'm taking 2 rest days.  I may do some yoga tomorrow.

So this day kind of dampened my spirits . . . work was rough . . . the toe was aching . . . the flats were out!

But, after 8 straight days of workouts, I don't think 2 rest days will kill me.

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