The latest. Maybe even the greatest.

Since I posted anything substantive, I've put in another two weeks of training (light as it may be, to accommodate the arthritic toes), watched a couple episodes of The Jersey Shore,  graded a bunch and moved to the next stage of my research project.
Overtime at the job ended, training began, and I made it through.  I decided to apply for my PhD in fall 2011 and reschedule the GRE by November or December.

I struggle with my identity as well as progress at work (separately), but I keep fighting.  The hardest part is not trying to be the best at everything while not being too judgemental of myself.  At Work, I'm reaching the point I reach at every new job where the newness is wearing off that I'm forgetting not to take stress home or shrug things off. My focus isn't As sharp on my goal (do well but don't pressure myself to be the best, since I'll probably have to leave This job When - not if - I get into my PhD program.

I scored a 15k PR but failed to find a suitable cycling event for tuneup. No worries there; my training for the next 44 days should be all the tuneup I need.  I'm averaging 4-6 hours a week during my past few weeks ; the 7-9 hour weeks are behind me. (Thought I hit 11 at one point; guess I didn't.)  The next <5 weeks are downhill As my intensity may be high but my training workload decreases.   My pool hours are limited, so swimming needs more focus. 

Anyway, that's about It. I'm staying positive for the most part, trying not to get overwhelmed and hoping To be closer to my training hours This week.

Damn the toe and those limited pool hours. :-)


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