You've seen me post before about THE -ITIS.

This is a feeling you get when you've eaten too much.  The gurgling, bubbling feeling that the food has to go SOMEWHERE.  ANYWHERE.  It makes you feel all groggy, and bloated, and BLAAAH. 

THE -ITIS is no good.  You oughta eat less, or differently, if you get THE -ITIS on the regular.

It's also descriptive of just about every disease or illness I've had: bronchitis, sinusitis, tinnitus, thyroiditis, tendonitis . . .

Well, I have a NEW -ITIS to add to the list.

But, to make it fun, I've decided to name it: Arthur Itis.

Mr. Itis and I go way back.  Like, 20 years back.  He started hanging around when I started struggling with my weight, and then when I got active, and then when I bought all my sexy high heels.  Then he got REALLY mad when I started getting faster despite extra weight.

And he attacked me in the toes.

Yup, tha's right.  THE TOES.

Now, I know what you're thinkin'.   You're thinkin', "What kinda COWARD attacks ya in the TOES?"

Arthur Itis, that's who.

Well, Arthur, I hate to break it to you, but you and I are done.  You know why?  'Cause you hurt me.  And you make it hard for me to run.  Maybe in a few (10, 15, 50) years you'll get mad and stage your ultimate revenge, and my only recourse will be to rely upon the honorable Sir Gery, but for now I will fight you off valiantly with cleverly placed rest days, Flector, house slippers, gel pads in heels, a better array of shoes of different heights, and Thorlo's amazing thin socks powered by Thorlo pads.

P.S. My recovery runs are now being completed at a pace a full 1-2 minutes FASTER than my May time trial pace.  Take that, Art.

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