What Do You Call a Dinosaur Who Goes on 3-Hour Bike Rides?

. . . . . . a megasoras.

Get it?  Mega . .  .sore . . . ass?

I'll be here all night.  Try the veal.

Actually, my ass isn't mega-sore.  In fact, it's not sore at all.  I wore my ultra-padded pants (and learned that my tri shorts with the tiny chamois are actually more comfortable.)   The mileage? Over 37. It was my longest ride since Florida Half Ironman in 2008, and my goal pace was 12mph, but I managed 12.5.  Training plan instructions?  Don't kill yourself.   So, I could have gone 13, or even 15, but I didn't.

It ended up being a good thing, because I got to the last 20-30 minutes of the ride and COMPLETELY bonked.  We're talking upset tummy, sore neck/shoulders, no energy.  Despite a food bar, almost 2 packs of Shot Bloks combined with water and lightly sweetened tea, I just hit the wall.  Three things:
  1. Pre-ride nutrition wasn't up to par for a 3-hour ride (which can burn like 1800 calories for someone my weight) 
  2. Too much caffeine can upset my tummy.  On a ride that long, from now on, I'll tone down the tea, or add in a pack of Shot Bloks without caffeine.
  3. I haven't gone this distance in a really, really, long time. 
I've never been on an Olympic plan that challenged me this much.  I went up to, and just over, the 25-mile mark.  I went up to, and just over, the 2-hour mark.  By peak week on this plan, I'll be riding 40+ miles on my long ride, swimming 4000yds a whack, and running about 8. 

This is awesome for many different reasons.  First, the Miami Man Triathlon should phear me.  It will feel like a breeze compared to my daily training.  My best Olympic time of 3:53 is going down, hard.  I'm shooting for a HUGE PR, as my goal is to ride the entire 25 miles at my sprint pace (17-19mph).  (My best race pace for this distance is +/- 15mph).   Second, I plan to attack the OUC Half Marathon on December 4 with a vengance.  That course owes me a PR.  A month from Miami Man gives me plenty of time to get from 8 to 13.1 miles (not to mention that, if the Oly takes me about 3-3.5 hours, and I plan to complete the Half Mary in 2:30, my overall endurance level will also be excellent.

That is the plan . . . and I'm doing my best to follow the plan.

If I get busy with students and research, my entries may suffer a little.  Pardon me in advance :)

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