All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go....BALLS OUT

. . . . And you thought I was gonna make a John Denver reference.

It's a two-hour drive over to St. Pete, so I'm leaving right after work. My junk is ready to toss in the car at lunch and fly. (Two things. First, yes, my kitchen floor is dirty. Second, I'm not a fan of Saturday races, because they give you no prep time. I'm literally going to get there tonight, eat, sleep, and grab my race numbers tomorrow at transition. A weeeeee bit stressful.)

This is my second sprint of the season and I'm pretty jacked. It's shorter than my last. I have another month of training ahead of me. I may just go BALLS OUT.

Normally, I'm not a fan of going BALLS OUT. But this is a B race, I don't race again until November (right now anyway), and I really never have gone totally, crazy, kick-my-own-ass hard at a short race.

So we'll see if I have the balls.

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