This Is the First Day of the Rest of My Blog

I hate that stupid saying this is the first day of the rest of your life. It's trite, hollow, and pompous. Sure, I have my "famous words to follow," but they're mostly about kicking ass, not pumping sunshine up someone's ass. There's a difference.

Nonetheless, almost every morning that I've woken up since I found myself without my cancer-infested thyroid, I've felt exactly that: as if I'm taking steps in (or towards a) completely different existence. I can't help feeling that my life altered radically and completely the morning I showed up at Florida Hospital Altamonte for my thyroidectomy, and it isn't just the absence of my thyroid that's made the difference. That was my first visit with my parents since summer; the first visit with my brother since Christmas; the first complete break from work of any kind in almost 2 years. (I didn't send a single work e-mail.) I even started a new blog. It's a non-triathlon blog. It's just about my personal life observations.

That blog's allowed me to return to what this one was originally about . . . . training.

I'm very excited.

Stay tuned.

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