Tour de Cure Fundraising Goal and Rollins Awards

I’m actually really pissy lately, so I’m hoping to break that up with a couple of cool updates.

My Tour de Cure ride: to be honest, I thought that I would not reach my initial goal, so I hoping I would make just the minimum, I adjusted it along the way. But, thanks to some recent donations, I am now only $15 away from my original goal. Whether I do make the ride or not - which I probably won't at this point, since my surgery is the week immediately afterwards, I am pleased to announce that I will be turning in a nice donation to the ADA of at least a few hundred dollars.

This was also neat. At my commencement in may, Rollins College has awards for people who gave excellent service to the community or Holt school while attending and if enough people nominate me they may give me one. One of my pals said she’d send one in for me about how during my tenure at Rollins I went through divorce, health struggles, etc. but still worked like many Holt students AND gave time to charity by running charity races, getting the word out about thyroid cancer through my blogs, Facebook, raised money for diabetes research, etc. (and still graduated with a 3.85.)

A little happy never hurt anbody.

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