For a smart person, I can be really stupid

This entry could also be titled: People over 6 Should Not Partake in the Use of Slip-and-Slides. Or, Someone Please Tell MAJ She's Not Superhuman.

I've been suffering from a new round of dizzy spells the past week or so. It's confounding, but it quickly became debilitating. I missed a day and a half of work, and the reduction or exclusion of alcohol and caffeine provided no relief. Also, mysteriously, my weight was up 5 pounds. (Which means, even though I'm eating healthier again, my portions and frequency of eating have increased (to battle the nausea accompanying the dizziness - this always happens)).

I know this routine, but it didn't stop me from pitching no less than 3 hysterical hissies. Before you dismiss this as eminnetly sissy-like, let me describe to you how it feels.

You rise from bed at 7am. You've already let yourself oversleep by 30-120 minutes, and, despite your anxiously racing pulse, you are virtually unable to move your limbs because of sheer exhaustion. You have not only a film of sleep over your eyes, but also a general feeling of disorientation. Coffee, a shower, makeup, eyeglasses and clothing reduce this feeling from a roaring haze to a milky cloud.

To no avail. Arriving at work by 8:30, you're finding yourself so off balance that you're driving 5-10 miles under the speed limit. Not only do you feel like you are going to pass out and/or fall asleep, you're possessed with the sense that not only is your head slightly spinning, but your neck, skull and eyeballs are slightly "vibrating." At about 8:45, you're so sick to your stomach and eyes that you can barely keep your eyelids open. Every movement of your head or body is grossly exaggerated.

By 10am, you fall asleep so hard that you can't be awakened for an hour or more - and, even when you do wake, you're unable to gather your wits for at least an hour. Within an hour of rising and becoming alert (which takes 45 minutes or so), the process begins all over.

The prospect of living like this for ANOTHER few years sent me into the worst panic attack I've ever had. Thank God a trip to my GP unearthed an ear infection, a reoccurence of my vertigo (both treatable, quickly, by medication), and a possible concussion.

WHAT?? A possible CONCUSSION???

Yeah. It turns out going on slip-and-slides when you're over the age of 6 is a recipe for disaster. Dr. Kim tells me she treats hundreds of adult s-&-s injuries.

So, I'm kind of set back right now and I'll have to fill you in later, but my goals are changing slightly.


2 tidbits of wizdom:

Irene Odell said...

I know, I are under a doctor's care...and who am I (your faithful blog reader and fellow 70.3 suffegette) to offer any suggestions?

Have you ever had a sleep study to evaluate you for sleep apnea? You're describing some of the classic apnea symptoms.

The Original MAJ said...

Yes I have :) I have no sleep apnea. I am, however, borderline narcoleptic. Isn't that nice? LOL