Excuses, sore asses, etc.

I have so many thoughts to share. I wonder if I have time to share them all?

Well, here goes . . .

I went out with friends last night. Of course I had drinks, and of course I ate like crap, and of course I couldn't find something to wear that didn't make me feel like an absolute COW. So, instead of staying late and getting drunkety drunk drunk, I left early, got up early this morning, pulled some of my old cycling workouts, and hopped on the trainer for oh, 40 minutes, mostly split between aero and the big chain ring.

My immediate observations:
  1. My butt hurts
  2. My bike needs a tune-up and my cyclometer needs to be fixed. It stopped registering mph and cadence as soon as I got started.
  3. I'm still a little . . . off from the surgery
  4. If I PR'd last year only hitting half my workout hours, this year is gonna ROCK
  5. I made a lot of excuses last year. I know I really WAS that sick. I mean, between being pregnant and having eye spasms and dizzy spells - you can't imagine how ill that all makes you feel, but still. I could have done more.

I don't ever want to look back and have that feeling of "I could have done more."

Either I'm in or I'm out.

Speaking of being out? I gotta get ready for work.

1 tidbits of wizdom:

Tea said...

Once you find yourself in the position for, and ready to, "focus" your training, you can accomplish pretty amazing things.

Enjoy your race season! And tell BF that he needs to get up to speed quickly on his Sherpa duties. ;)