Marathon Week 16, HIM Week 2, Day WHATEVER - I GOT THIS

I have a new motto. It goes: WHATEVER - I GOT THIS. It basically means, I have a lot of rough shit ahead of me, but it can't be as rough as what's behind me - and, even if it is, it's either 1)nothing I haven't seen yet or 2)nothing I can't adapt to. Coming back from a low point, from a lull with my workouts, as I frequently do once I start feeling ill and get out of a pattern - like I said earlier - instead of making me realize how weak I NOW AM, I am realizing how STRONG I still am.

I have a marathon to run in 2 weeks. Whatever - I GOT THIS.
I still have a lot of paperwork today for some financial stuff. Whatever - I GOT THIS.
I still have lots of doc's appointments to reschedule. Whatever - I GOT THIS.
I still need to do my budget and sign up for 2 more 70.3 races. Whatever - I GOT THIS.
It's gonna be retardedly busy at work today. But whatever - I GOT THIS.
I wake up at 4am to work out with people half my size and twice my ability.


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