Marathon Training, Week 9: Where's My Medal?

I never mentioned that the worst part of the half this weekend was that they ran out of (and are supposed to be sending me) finisher's medals. Boooo. I want my medal!

I also want my medal for making it through this semester. A- was my final grade and that will drop my GPA to a 3.85 or so, B+ on the final exam, but it's over and I'm soooo happy.

So tired. Have been having sleep difficulties and I'm nauseous and dizzy.

The best part of the semester was my final paper. Something about having not only the courage but the ability to write about my disorder made me feel so liberated and brave.

There's more to come.

3 tidbits of wizdom:

Alili said...

Good job on the final!

Wes said...

Gurrrrrl! You are so smaaarrrt!! Nicely done!!

RBR said...

Yeah! End of yet another semester! You are that much closer! I can't wait until my last paper is done and turned in.