Postcards from the Road, Day 2

Kona still won't put all his weight on his paw, according to my brother. And Karime couldn't find Girlie this morning when she went to check on the animals. But there wasn't much I could do, 500 miles away and all. If Kona continues to limp, I'll send Dave the money to take him to the vet, and I'll have to wait till I come home to see if I can find Girlie.

In the mean time, I finally got my hair trimmed - including tip, still less than half of my pre-tip price in Orlando, by the way. And I did something this morning that I have not done since I found out I was pregnant.

I ran.

Granted, I totally Gallowayed it and it was only about 2 miles, maybe 2.5, but I'd intended to do so. I have one more week before I can return to regular activity, but I'll be run/walking every day while I'm here so that I can (hopefully) return to my regular schedule next week and add swimming the week after. And all that will feel much easier in Florida, where there are no cliffs off of which one can drive. (See yesterday's entry for explanation.)

All I can say is, I will be devastated if we don't find Girlie, and I hope Kona's paw is ok.

And my ass is not looking forward to the bike seat.

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Wes said...

LOL... What an adventure... I hope Girlie comes home, and you learn to love your bike seat the way I love mine :-)