Home?! Sick!

In keeping with the theme of There'll Be Some Changes Made, and with the blog going private and being more life-centered, I've invited another author. We'll call her (to totally swipe a term one of my other favorite blogging Chicago-ans) Jenncognito. I'm not sure if Jenn will feel like offering some of her insights or feelings, but I thought in addition to inviting her to visit mine and possibly read some of your blogs, I'd also invite her to make a contribution when/if she feels like it.

I actually got the idea from Jenn - though she doesn't know it - when she mentioned the other night that she was feeling exactly as isolated and homesick as I was. Suddenly it hit me: nothing I'm going through is different from anything someone else hasn't gone through before. Change the city from Chicago to Orlando, change the animals from 2 cats plus 1 dog to just cats, add a boyfriend and subtract triathlon, and we could be the same girl. So that's when I thought, shit, on the Fashion Week Runway of life, triathlon is just a very cool accessory. What really makes the whole outfit are these little experiences that I'm having, that Jenn's having, that we all have.

I have some ideas about maybe splitting my blog off into another blog where a group of my favorite ladies from across the country are free to ramble about their own particular experiences. I figure I've got at least 4 different states covered if I get off my ass and pitch this idea to them.


I also realized the other night that I'm an absolute man-magnet. I don't mean this in a good way. What I mean is, I have no problem attracting guys; however, they only want ONE THING. In days gone by, this would not have bothered me. I like that ONE THING waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I should mention, but, unfortunately, I only want to do the ONE THING with ONE GUY. Meanwhile, it seems that any man who thinks outside the box is either sexually challenged or wants lots of babies or opposed to all outdoor activity or - most importantly - not headed my way.


I'm home. I didn't run every day I was at Mom's, but I was so tired I had to nap this morning. Besides, my next big race is not until 2009, which I suspect will be IMAZ or IMFL. I'm doing the Oly this September and planning from there. Mom sent Dad home with me in the car so I wouldn't be alone and then he caught a cheap flight home. So here I am, alone. And I'm . . . hmmm . . .

In a word? Fucking miserable. (Ok, so that's 2 words.)

Girlie is here - she was just hiding, and Karime and I are now calling her Houdini. I'm picking Kona up tonight and possibly taking him to the vet tomorrow, because he still isn't putting all his weight on his paw, although the word on the street is that he was exceptionally well-behaved at my brother's. Oh, about that stupid hurriane the Governor and media have been rah-rah-ing about all week? Pffft. It's only a tropical storm. I know 10 people have died, but there is no way I'm going to get all twisted and change up my life for a Pussy Storm that isn't even bringing 30mph winds to my city. The saddest fact (besides the deaths, of course) is that I have to go to work tomorrow. DO NOT WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being at Mom's made me realized how much I really, really hate so much of my life, including my job. If I could shift states, careers and locations, but keep my friends and still be closer to my family, you'd better believe I'd do it - like, years ago. Yeah, that's me - Queen of Desiring the Impossible.

Homesick? More like Home. Sick!

2 tidbits of wizdom:

Tribrit said...

Stupid storm!!! I agree, we haven't even lost a leaf on a tree over here in Tampa yet they closed all the schools for the day. Excuse me but school only started yesterday but don't even get me on to that fiasco, lets just say a hurricane would be good news for the school board as it might explain why there were NO busses for the elementary school kids....
I warned you it was a rant!

Back to you though....:-) you are going through stuff that all of us hit at some point but I promise there is light at the end of the tunnel, and no, it isn't the train coming towards you.

~Tara~ said...

Ok so I was content just reading your blogs...but now with this whole private deal you having going on I can no longer just call you and blast my insightful and eloquent thoughts at you. Instead I must opine. Blargh. Anyway, like was mentioned previously we all go through stuff and everyone of us says it's the major thing that forces us to change our realities. I however have found that for me it doesn't. At least it's not like some great big light bulb goes off and things change (even when you announce to yourself they will). For me the big things happen, but looking back it's the little things that bothered me most so I tackled them first thinking at least with everything else going on they were/are something I could control. Before I knew it reality HAD changed and I didn't even know it. Keep in mind everytime I turn around it changes again, but it seems to get a little more progressive and positive.