Triathlon Accomplishments


  • First 5k race. Finish in 44ish minutes.
  • PR at almost every single 5k race for the rest of the year.
  • Finish my first 10k in 1:17 and change.
  • Finish my first 5-miler in less than 1 hour; follow it immediately with a 2-miler and 3 more miles of untimed running.
  • Finish my first Half Marathon in 2:45 and change.
  • Decide to do a marathon and a triathlon. Have no clue I'll end up doing them both in the same year.

  • First triathlon.
  • Complete 2 super sprints (PR at the second).
  • Complete a sprint.
  • Complete - and win my age group at - an Olympic-distance race.
  • Buy my first road bike.
  • Complete first marathon with a sinus infection in 6:50 and change.
  • Decide to compete in the same 5k I did last year - finish in 31:17.
  • Sign up for my first Half Ironman.


  • PR at the sprint distance by about 5 minutes. My 5k time for the run portion of the race is almost 2 minutes faster PER MILE than my first standalone 5k time in 2006.
  • Compete in my first HIM, completing my swim in a little over an hour and maintaining almost a 14mph average on the bike despite some severe financial and health setbacks. Too slow for the last loop of the run, but make 66 miles of the race in 8:27:01.
  • Qualify for the USAT Age Group National Championship.
  • PR again at the sprint distance, this time by 18 minutes. My new sprint record is 1:48 and seconds. Am now moving at an average pace of 18++ mph on the bike.

Since my racing debut in 2006:

  • Bike pace increases from 10-12mph in training and 12-14 in racing (Olympic and shorter races) to 15-17 mph in training and 18-20mph in racing (Olympic and shorter races). Top speed record in 2006: 22 mph. Top speed record in 2008: 38+mph. Longest distance cycled in 2006: 45 miles. 2008: 60.
  • Road race pace increases from 14 minutes per mile to <10.5.
  • Swim pace drops from 2.5/100 to 3.2/100 BUT swim workout distance increases from 750-1500yds to 2000-4500yds.

Looking Forward (goals for 2009 and beyond)

  • Drop swim pace back down to low-to-mid 2 minutes/100
  • Get bike pace up to 20+mph.
  • Drop run pace to <10min/mile>
  • Decide if I want to do an Ironman.
  • Get back to my fighting weight.

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