I'm a "hard fit"

About noon yesterday, something really weird happens: my eyeballs start throbbing like they're going to pop out of my head. They're moving around spontaneously in my skull, twitching like little football-shaped Mexican jumping beans. I'm extremely wigged out, but I can't be bothered, so I take out my contacts and go back to work with my glasses on. I know the optometrist said I was having eye spams on Wednesday night, but they can't be that bad, right? Besides, if I take my contacts out, it will help.


I'm going to coin a new term here: Meggan's Law. It's like Murphy's Law - anything that can go wrong, will go wrong - except it relates to health and side effects. Any pill, procedure, exam or aid that can cause a problem, will cause ME a problem, and usually will cause me ALL of them. I remember when I was on The Pill. I used to say "The Pill is The Devil!!!!!" because I had every single side effect from the most minor and annoying (like bloating and moodiness) to the most life threatening (a severe blood pressure increase). The second week I was off The Pill, I dropped 15 pounds and my blood pressure went back to being low.

So anyway, forgetting Meggan's Law, I go on about my bidniss. By 5 o'clock, I'm so sensitive to the light that I can barely drive myself home, and I'm so dizzy that I feel like I'm going to throw up, like last night after my contact fitting but waaaay worse. It doesn't matter that I've put my glasses back on at this point - nothing's helping. I call my eye doc and schedule an appointment for the next day (today). He's going to have to dilate my eyes to get my "true prescription." Apparently, he tells me, "I'm a hard fit."

WTF does that mean? I have an astigmatism that's not even severe in one eye and almost no astigmatism in the other. That's not a big deal. Well, NOW they tell me I'm farsighted. (Every time I go in, I find out something else.) Also, it appears that my eyes, unlike the eyes of the REST of the population with much worse farsightedness and astigmatism, do not like the soft, cushy contacts they are supposed to like. No, MY EYES want harder, weighted contacts. The soft contacts move too much and my eyes some times push them right out. (At least that explains why my contacts used to float around in my eyeballs during a swim.) The difference is that now my eyesight is so much worse that I can't afford to do what I've always done and just be slightly blind, especially not for longer races.

I eat something, cover my eyes and take migraine medicine, and lay in bed from about 7 till 9 before I fall asleep. My forehead, the back of my head and eyeballs - THE EYEBALLS THEMSELVES - are aching - and they're still trying to escape from their sockets. Every few hours they wake me up with their pulsing.

I didn't even bother telling my bosses this morning that I'm not supposed to be using the computer. That would be like a seamstress coming to work and saying she's not allowed to sew.

All I know is, the dilating better relax those suckers, because I have a date with a PR on Sunday.

3 tidbits of wizdom:

Wes said...

Crap. After all that, I'd be digging mine out with a spoon. Hang tough chica!!

CCP said...

EEE!! Anything eye related freaks me out. Hopefully the eye doc can work some magic.

Tea said...

I can relate to the eye pain. I think only people who have had migraines understand what you were going through.

I hope you're better today after taking the medicine.