Why do I feel so G'D lazy?

Last night Sherpa dragged me out to Aquatica to "celebrate" my accomplishments this year. It was very nice. I missed a few pals but overall had a great time. Any time I can mix a pseudo-workout in with socializing, I'm a happy camper. Although I didn't get in my hill ride because I got attacked by the Drama Llama on Saturday night. No, not me - some good friends got in a fight, though, and I was there to try to make sure they didn't kick each others' asses. One of them is still upset with me for "taking sides". (Which I wasn't.) But you can't please all of the people all of the time.

So, today wasn't supposed to be my REST DAY. I was supposed to SPIN.

But, by the time my (attempt at an) eye exam was done, it was past 7. I went in at 5:40 to a new place and couldn't find them. When I called to let them know I was coming, the receptionist didn't let them know I had called. I sat there till after 6 and then was told I'd have to reschedule because I was late.


By the time I got the puppy out (he stepped in poo, then on moi - how loverly) and got Sherpa on his way to work (he stayed the night in case I needed a driver for the eye-dilation that never happened), it was almost 8 and I had to eat because my meds made my tummy upset. So here I sit. Typing.


I know recovery for endurance sports varies widely from person to person, but I've been putting in bricks and 2-hour workouts most days now for almost 2 weeks with 1 rest day sprinkled in every 2-4 days, and I feel like that should be a perfect reverse taper. So why do I feel so G'D lazy?!?!?!?! I keep seeing all these workouts that my cohorts from FL HIM are doing . . . already back to 3km swims, running like maniacs and hammering at close to 25mph on the bike. I am mindboggled.

But then again . . . . you're talking to someone who, just a year ago, thought a 750yd swim was a pretty good size - so go figure . . .

3 tidbits of wizdom:

Tea said...

are you and the other triathletes 100% completely equal? NO? I didn't think so. We all started the sport at different times. We all have different schedules as far as training. We all have different physical requirements....our bodies being able to be pushed one way or another or NOT being able to be pushed.

I guess that just means we are all different....no one is better than one another....we're just different.

Tribrit said...

Listen to your body!!! We all go through phases where one swim a week, one run and maybe a spin class seem adequate but at other times we wonder when we fit in the rest of our lives and do we ever take our workout clothes off??
Have you talked about the GI stuff with the Dr yet!

Wes said...

oh stop it. You've been working harder than moi :-) Whatchu sayin, Willis? LOL!! Peaks and valleys, peaks and valleys. So goes life, so goes tri training. Climbing the mountain doesn't make you a great triathlete. Clawing your way out of the valley does. Somebody more famous than I said that ;-)