Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you

This is MUCH more important than my PR.

This is about a huge thanks that's owed to all the support that all of the triathletes around the world show each other. Over the weekend, a group of you tri-bloggers did something really amazing.

This is the REAL reason I tri. Right here.

For those of you who don't know Duane Newton, he is quite possible The World's Greatest Sherpa. Ever. He flies all over the country, not only for his own races, but for all his friends' races. And he's not just a Sherpa for triathlon. He's the best support crew for anything in your life. You race, you get divorced, you cry, you laugh - something great happens in your life, something bad happens in your life - he is there. Every step of the way.

So how do the rest of the bloggers thank him?

They get together and surprise him with a Cervelo. A beautiful, brand-new, amazing tri bike. Go visit Duane's blog. Now. He is amazing. And so are all the athletes around the country who support each other.

For Duane and for myself, I thank you all.

It may be an individual sport, but none of us is really doing it alone.

3 tidbits of wizdom:

Bigun said...

great job with your PR at Escape from Ft. Desoto..didn't do it this year, but usually do, and love the location (although I hear it was very crowded this year).

Yea, Big D is great people!

Tri-Angle said...

The party was at my house. I had the extreme honor of actually rolling the bike into Duane's hands. It was a benchmark moment in my life.

Duane said...

Hi Meg! Thanks for the shout out! Luv ya!