DISCLAIMER: terrible puns ahead.

Ok, now that we got THAT out of the way. This weekend I buy my first house. Next weekend I do my first duathlon. It's a weekend of firsts, but there are many more firsts to come this year.

I'm not intimidated by the du, although I always feel a little nervous about the firstr ace of the year, just because I need to get my race legs under me again. It's a sprint - 5k run, 12.4-mi bike, 5k run. It gives me a chance to take a short road trip. The weather is nice. My cycling has been strong. And I'm really looking forward to du-ing it. (Har, har, har.) I also have the flu. My stomach has been upset for days and I've had fevers, too. It sucks, but there's nothing I can du about it. I keep on keeping on.

I'll be here all night, try the veal.

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Tea said...

It's just going around. Blink blamed me for getting HIM sick. I blamed bigun for getting me sick. If you blame someone else, it makes you feel better.