I am Alive . . . . Barely

I appreciate all of the comments, questions and concerns over the past few weeks. I truly do. Sadly, my personal life has once again slowed my training progress. Although I started working with Liz last week, I only made 3 of my 7 workouts, and this week I haven't made any.

Are you ready for the drama?
It all started with Christmas.

My key broke off in the lock on my front door just before Christmas and I couldn't get in the house unless my ex-husband was there. He kept tabs on me for weeks, watching my comings and goings, until I finally sucked it up last week, stayed home all day and waited for a locksmith. I am trying to make my training sessions, but last week I could barely swim, run or sit on a bike because of what my doctor called a "raging" bladder infection, and this week I can barely move because I have a stomach flu (while still recovering from the bladder infection). I am also missing a crucial medication because my insurance has changed since the divorce proceedings and they still haven't approved (this is the Provigil, the one that keeps me awake).

And then there is this whole divorce thing.
The divorce will be final on February 7 (FINALLY!!!) However, as has always been the case in my life, things must get worse before they get better. I had some friends over one night last week, since I obviously wasn't in the shape to hang out somewhere else, and my ex was furious that one of them was a man (actually, two were men, but the other guy was with a girl). He called the cops on my friend, who got very upset when Al picked a fight with us for being in the house, and my ex-husband had my friend arrested for threatening Al. After this, the flu and the bladder infection, you can imagine that my immune system is taxed and my sleep levels are extremely low.

Oh, but it gets better.
Early this week, Al kicked me out - nicely, giving me the money to stay in one of those "extended stay suites" - but still told me that I can't come home to get anything unless I call him first. So now, I'm misplaced from my home, I can't see my cats, I've missed 3.5 days of work during a time laden with heavy deadlines, and got a lecture from my boss that he was *this* close to firing me because I've been sick too much. Meanwhile, I still have sick days left and I worked 7-day weeks for 4 weeks prior to the Christmas break and my bank accounts are virtually negative from the expense of living away from home for weeks.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however. I am feeling better and should be making my weekend workouts with no problem. My friends are taking great care of me. I'm supposed to close on my townhome on the 25th, and school starts next week. I'm also seeing a guy who, while on the wild side and still not fully approved by all my friends, is completely supportive of all my athletic and scholarly goals. I've known him since I was about 13 or 14 and we pretty much know everything about each other already. He has just experienced an even rougher patch in his life than I have, and has spent a lot of time taking care of me while I'm sick. Before I got too sick, he would go out with me and "bodyguard" me if I had to run or ride later at night when it was dark. Even if that's all it ever ends up being, it's nice.

Trust me. I'm sure there will be much more news to follow.

4 tidbits of wizdom:

Joy | Love | Chaos said...

Wow, hun. Blown away by all of the challenges this month has brought. Try to keep focused on your values and keep things as simple as possible. When taken in small steps, things are less overwhelming.

I'm thinking positive thoughts for you!

CCP said...

Oh Megan Ann! Good for you for hanging in there. Embrace things as they come, come to terms with them, and release. Sometimes this means some crazy crying, but it is good for our soul.

You're boss cannot fire you for being sick too much. It violates HR law. So he's just being absurd.

You're going to pull through this beautifully and gracefully. Be strong, lovely lady! I'm focusing on positive energy and sending it your way.

BTW - just recieved some coupons for Bondi Band and would like to send you one. If anything, you'll be the sexiest gal on the block and make your special friend even more drawn to your charms;)

Tea said...

TAKE THE BONDI BAND COUPONS! (And then send one to me). ;)

I'm glad you checked in with us. I didn't want to send you too many email.

IM ABLE knows her stuff...you stick with what's important to you. Everything else will fall into place.

Tea said...

thinking about you!