Race Athlete Blog Awards!

Yep . . . I'm a copycat. But I already went and did some votesing, so you should too.

Drum roll please!Once again raceAthlete is proud to recognize the Best Endurance Sports Blogs for the year 2007. Just like last year we will be awarding a Gold, Silver, and Bronze ribbon and prize for the Best Blog of 2007.Are you a first rate swim, bike or run Blogger, or do you have a favorite endurance Blog that you can't live without?If so this is your chance to shine, or your chance to make that special Blogger in your life a star by nominating their Blog for the 2nd annual raceAthlete "Best Blog" awards.The rules are simple and straightforward. Just submit your favorite endurance sports Blog for consideration by clicking HERE. Entries will be accepted throughout the month of November and voting will take place the first two weeks in December of 2007.Winners will be announced on Monday December 17th and prizes and "Best Blog" ribbons will be awarded to the winers.Click HERE for complete raceAthlete "Best Blog" award rules and prizes.Click HERE for the current list of nominated Blogs.

2 tidbits of wizdom:

Tea said...

Since I'm working on my research this week (classes end next week), I want to make sure that I wish you GOOD LUCK this coming weekend.

Most importantly, have fun...don't worry about having to hit a certain goal, don't worry-just enjoy-everything else will fall into place.

As soon as a race loses it's fun factor, it's not worth doing.

Duane said...