Almost a Marathoner

It was a day that will go down in the history of Meggan Ann as one of the most perfectly imperfect in my life. The morning started out with the realization that Bitchy Lady was right yesterday - I was late to check in a bag. My watch had been off. But I really, REALLY had needed that study ime. If I hadn't been bumped, I wouldn't have gotten it. I decide right away, as I awake from my Nyquil-induced 13-hour slumber, thatthe Universe is sending me a sign. A sign that points to yes.

So I went about my morning easy, taking my time, having a high-carb breakfast and lots of coffee [Nate]coffee is the elixir of life, people[/Nate], and a grand stroll about town. I had a half a cheesesteak for lunch because I just couldn't handle much food, especially with my muffin and bagel stil in my belly, and then met up with Dave and Kathy to pick up our race packets and some Gu at the expo.

At the expo, I realize that I have the lowest number of the people around me - number 1746. It makes me feel good. The lower number I have, the better I feel I've done. Supersition, paranoia, call it what you will. I decide that the Universe is sending me another sign pointing to . . . . you guessed it, yes.

I missed my chance to meet up with the Bunny , but I did spend the day walking the city and I got to meet a crapload of V-Teamers. They're my "crazy runners" that I refer to that have hoisted me through the season with all their advice, spiritual guidance, support and personal antics. I hydrate like craZy during dinner, taking in at least 6-8 glasses of water, and avoid too much fiber. While I'm at dinner, though, I get the pre-race jitters. . . finally . . . for the first time in my training for this race. I am about to run 26.2 miles, I keep thinking. Longer than I have ever run in my life. I wish I could tell myself it isn't going to hurt, or that I'm not going to run slow, but those things would both be lies.

My night is finished off with ritual pre-race planning and layout, which you can see below. Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be in the 40s, so I'll be sporting a running skirt, a long-sleeved tech tee, a hat, a vest and an unzippable tech jacket that I can tie around my waist. I'm sure I'll freeze on the way to the race, but everyone has talked me out of tights for the race itself.

So far it's been a great trip. Traveling alone is so much fun - time to do whatever you want on your own schedule. I've had tons of thoughts about how great it will be to get outta Florida. And I have lots of revelations which I may or may not share.

Will it be a good day tomorrow? All signs point to yes.

4 tidbits of wizdom:

Tea said...

very cool! I have go online and see if they have tracking!

Duane said...

Anxiously waiting your race report!

Tea said...

how'd it go?????

CCP said...

You're going to do great!