Catching Up

I somehow managed to recover from my downward spiral. I have been feeling relatively well and enjoying myself outside of training and school. Most importantly, I've been meeting my mileage goals nearly dead-on. The time change is helping, too - my body is thinking it's 6:15 when the alarm goes off at 5:15,

The only two things I haven't done are book a hotel and keep up my cross-training. Well, I'm not going to introduce anything wacky till Philly's over. Keep up the strength/flex, keep this last week and my race week on track, and as soon as the marathon is done and my continuation/rest plan is in place, it's back to all 3 sports.

'Cause I've decided I'm not turning 30 - I'm turning Iron. Which means I need to put the hustle on next year's training program so I can really reap the rewards for the following year!

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