Philly is officially booked. Hotel, flight, everything. I AM SET.


  • Monday: Rest - DONE!
  • Tuesday: 3 miles and strength - MISSED!
  • Wednesday: 4 miles - neeed sleeeeep
  • Thursday: 4 miles - gonna try for it tomorrow
  • Friday: Rest - Travel. Get to Philly in early AM. Rest for a bit. Take the train into town. See some sights.
  • Saturday: Rest - Meet up with Julio and Kathy from the Higdon forums around 1:30 to hit up the race expo. Dinner at Maggiano's with the Higdonites at 3:30p
  • Sunday: RACE

I'm sick as hell. I've worked 9-12-hour days for the last 10 days, partying and studying like a college kid, and the result is a bad cold. Tomorrow I'm going to spend my day in my payamas, studying, making my packing list, and sleeping as much as I want. I may go out and get a map of the Philly area to help me plan my explorations, or celebrate my trip by getting an outfit for it . . . but as shitty as I feel right now, I doubt I'll be leaving the house for much more than food. I'm not even worried about my training runs. I just want to get plenty of sleep so I can make it through the race.

It's been a helluva week. I've been so occupied by all the crap going on that I haven't even been able to get psyched up for all the crap that's yet to GO on. Next weekend, I celebrate T-Day with my parents, the following weekend is my birthday and then . . . the monthlong celebration of me is over. The IMOF hasn't been going exactly as I planned . . . but I kinda wouldn't trade it.

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Tea said...

GOOD LUCK!! I'll be thinking about you...really, I WILL. MY PAPERS ARE DONE! So, I have plenty of empty space up there now...wait, that didn't sound right.