Start Spreadin' the News . . . .

I'm doing the NYC Tri. It's oh-fish-ee-al. Hell yeah. Start spreadin' the news . . . this is the year I hit the big cities and leave behind some of my blood, sweat and tears. It'sPhilly, New York, and then New York again or Chicago. Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on! Here's the updated list o' torture zones for the year.

November 2007: Philly Marathon (REGISTERED!)/Rest
March 2008: Subaru in St. Pete (No registration open yet)
April 2008: St. Anthony's (Registration not open yet)
May 2008: FL Half Ironman (REGISTERED!)
July 2008: NYC Tri (REGISTERED!)/Marathon Train
November 2008: NYC Marathon if they let me! if Not Chicago!

I have nothing more to say! WOO!

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Duane said...

Super Woo!