Keep Having Dreams About . . .


Yeah, still.

It's getting bad. The last three nights in a row I had extremely graphic dreams about sex that lead me to wake up needing to clean myself, or do explicit things, or both. Not that you needed to know, but I have to share. 1, it's so bizarre it's funny. 2, I HOPE that they'll go away. And maybe if I share them, they will. Maybe I'll embarrass myself out of horniness.

Now, in most of the scenes, I was doing someone I didn't know, or I was doing myself. In one dream, I kept trying to do explicit things but getting interrupted so I never finished. In one dream, I did a friend's dad. Yes, a friend's dad. Not a real friend, the friend and the dad were characters in my dream. We were arguing and got hot for each other. (Shut up, he was not that old and he was hot.)

And then the REAL kicker: last night's dream involved my ex. EWWW!!! At first I was completely grossed out and then turned on (which just proves I'm desperate, because even in previous dreams I've been grossed out by him but never turned on). He was determined that (in his words in the dream), "When this race is over, I'm banging you tonight." No matter how much I disagreed with him, he kept insisting. Finally, he insisted he was going to bang me then, which for some reason I became ok with, although I was still resisting just out of principle. This whole "I don't want to/I do want to" struggle ensued. I don't know what kind of race it was after which he wanted to bang me, but we were in my old bedroom in my parents' old house in Florida, I was wearing the same night shirt I wore last night to bed, and we were tying on roller skates.

At one point he tried to do me wearing nothing but roller skates. He looked at me laying on the bed in my night shirt and roller skates and went, "That's a sexy outfit. You're not wearing anything under there, are you?" In true, sarcastic-as-hell, Meggan Ann fashion (even in a dream), I responded, "Dude, I've been wearing this all day, where have you been? And it's a night shirt, of course there's nothing under it."

Great jumping Jehosaphat! (sp) Clearly, I need to get laid.

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