WEEK 11/4, DAY 3: I TOOK THE SAFE ROUTE FOR ONCE and got screwed!!

This morning was my seoncd PT session. So far, so good. After a 7-minute bicycle warmup, I did each of these exercises, 2x15 each unless otherwise noted:

  • stationary lunges
  • hip extension on machine
  • side hip extension on machine
  • rotations on balance board (25x2 each leg)
  • lying hamstring stretch (3x30 sec)
  • lying quad stretch (3x30 sec)

Today when I went home I also did upper body, which I'll repeat on Friday.

  • double-armed push with resistance band
  • double-armed pull with resistance band
  • single-armed pull with resistance band
  • single-armed push with resistance band
  • torso twist with resistance band (15x2, to left and right)
  • rolling push-up on knees with yoga ball

After work I had a 15-20 mile ride followed by a 1-mile run planned, but the weather was looking really bad, particularly toward my ride destination. Forecast said isolated thunderstorms and heat index of 103, and when I walked outside the sky was charcoal grey with this wild wind blowing leaves and small branches all over the place. So I did what I never, ever do. I took the conservative route.

I played it safe.

I went for the gym and got on the stationary bike. I was really afraid I'd let msyelf slack indoors, so I set the level on 9 (usually I set it under 5). I chose the hill workout. And I forced myself to keep 80-120 RPM as long as I could (which ended up being most of the workout). I finished 16 miles in the hour I was on the bike, which is around race pace for me (16-18 mph, yeah I know I'm slow). Then I jumped on the treadmill immediately and banged out a 10:54 mile followed by a few minutes of walking cool down. The whole time I'm watching the weather outside. Looks forboding from in here.

I walk outside and the sky has lightened from charcoal to heather. There's a soft(slightly muggy, but gentle) breeze. IT NEVER RAINED.



Now do you see why I always go for the less conservative route?_________________________________________________________

That being said, it was a great workout. I felt really strong. Now if I could do something to make my job more interesting, I'd be set.

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Meggan said...

How cool is that to have another double "GG" in this world!?!? I admire your sport of choice since I tend to sink when I swim and only will run if I am being chased......

Keep it frosty and kick some arse!