WEEK 11/4, Day 1: My next cell phone will be VERY small

So, remember how I wouldn't work out yesterday afternoon because I knew the heat index was over 100, even higher then than it was in the morning? Somehow I completely forgot that this afternoon when I decided I'd shuffle my schedule so I could fit all my madness in. I seemed to remember everything, including to take my salt pills(Gus don't settle so well with my tummy), bring a water bottole, plan my route through shade and by water fountains and clean bathrooms, and a well-known distance. And my muscles and lungs felt stronger than they had in months. But I forgot sunscreen, didn't body glide enough, and the heat got me. Not even 2 miles in, I started to get feverish chills and nausea. Great. I have 7 more miles to go.

I hustled to Publix to pee and refill with cold water, hustled to get to the shade, took my second dose of salt pills almost halfway in, but it was too late. I was DONE. I honestly thought I was going to die. I almost called my husband, but I didn't bring my cell (it's a PDA phone and it's too bulky; I already had a water bottle and my armband and my keys and ID and salt pills in my pocket.) So I did my best, shuffling, run-walking, even had to dead stop a couple times. I was so disoriented that I was running at a higher pace just to get through the run, I kept forgetting to hit "split", I kept forgetting to re-start my Nike+ tracker, and when I got to my "halfway point" (4.5 mi), at the park exit, I forgot that the park was only 3 mi from home and I still needed to add some more mileage to make it 9.

I struggled all the way back, another stop by Publix for the water fountain, and 5 16-oz water bottles and 1:50 minutes later, I finally creep home, thinking I've done it, I've made it my 9 miles - and then a re-check on Gmap Pedometer and the GPS in my car reveals . . . . just over 7 miles. (Stop reading here if you're sensitive about political correctness.) I told Al, "This is God's wrath for me not making my planned workout on Sunday."

I did 8 miles last week and it was LOVELY, but try to do under 8 today and it blew chunks. It just goes to show you that some days you're the shit, and some days you're just shit. I am very shocked that, with all that, I still managed to only slow down to 13:33/mi average.

Well, at least Meggan learned a couple lessons from this . . . .

  1. Plan workouts first thing in the morning or after 6. It's better to be out while it's a bit dark than die of heat stroke.
  4. NOTHING comes in the way of my workouts. Parties, gatherings - oh well! You planned a party, I planned a work out. It's not my fault you have poor planning. :)
  5. I'm not obsessive, I'm just committed. Triathlon is a lifestyle. It's one I've chosen because I'm excited and proud and happy and grateful to be able to participate. And I hope to do it till I'm too old to do it any more!

I'm beat. I'm going to bed. The new schedule looks like this:

  • Monday: Long run (9mi) since I just had a rest day and I'm fresh
  • Tuesday: PT AM; 1.5k drill swim PM (optional)
  • Wednesday: PT AM, 15-20mi ride PM
  • Thursday: 4mi AM run, 2k swim PM (drills if I missed Tues)
  • Friday: PT AM, PM brick (10-15mi ride/3 mi run)
  • Saturday: 2k OW swim
  • Sunday: 25 mi ride
  • Monday: Complete rest

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FunFitandHappy said...

Sounds like your run wasn't too different than mine. I brilliantly moved Saturday evening's long run to Sunday evening, the same day as my long bike ride = MAJOR BONK on the run.

Happens to us all I guess.