WEEK 10, DAY 4: Only one workout, splits and fatassery

I forgot to post my splits from yesterday. After reading Natalie's blog on the Higdon forums, I'm ashamed to post them. But here they are . . .

  1. (Warm-up mile) 17:0322
  2. 12:38:183
  3. 13.28.614
  4. 13.50.515
  5. 12.56.176
  6. 11.59.467
  7. 13.09.18
  8. 13.13.48

So, for lunch yesterday I got a grilled chicken sandwich . . . . with french fries. Tell me how I can keep bitching about what a fatass I am when I eat french fries for lunch?

I get to the Y last night, and it's raining, which is typical in Florida, especially in late summer. Just as I change into my suit, they announce that all the pools are closed due to lightning. This is a typical 5p-6p occurence, so I stick around to see if they're going to re-open. By the time I finally leave, it's been almost an hour since they announced the pools closing.

My phone rings at 6. It's an hour-long call I forgot I had scheduled. I get home and dinner is ready because my husband had expected me to be home an hour ago. At this point, I'm exhausted, so I go ahead and eat half my food. Maybe less. Then I promptly fall asleep- before 8pm.This morning I'm up around 5 to get to physical therapy. One of the reasons I didn't hit yoga last night is because of this appointment. But turns out they don't actually work you out in the first visit - that's only your eval. So I lost a workout again today.

I did learn a very important lesson from my physical therapist, though - my shoe/insole combination is *too* stabilizing. I need more cushion because apparently I'm a "toe runner". He suggested I either keep the stability shoe (NB 767) and replace my insoles with a cushioning rather than supportive insole, or switch to something like the Saucony Grid and keep my Superfeet. I'm off to the pros at Track Shack later this week to see what they can scare up for me.

I'm a little nervous about all this PT because it sucks up my AM workout time 3 days a week, but I know I need it, so I can't complain.

In the mean time, at lunch I dragged myself to the Y and managed to squeak out a 1000 meter drill swim. (It was supposed to be 1500, but 1000 is better than nothing.) I started to get one of my dizzy spells during the swim, but it went like this:

  1. 6x50m with paddles
  2. 6x50m w pull buoy
  3. 4x50m with both paddles and pull buoy
  4. 2x50m fist drills
  5. 2x50m side kicks

I would have done more but between picking up food and rinsing the poolwater off my lunch break took me 45 minutes too long. Now I'm really pooped. My dizzy spell/sleepy spell is catching up with me. So maybe it's a good thing I worked out at lunch. I may not get in my second workout today anyway. I'm going home to take a nap and if I wake up in time for yoga or a ride that's the direction I'll go.

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Tea said...

Now you know as well as I do that it has nothing to do with the french fries at lunch. Having french fries once in awhile isn't bad.

Just don't get depressed about one thing. It's the big picture that is most important.