Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours to go . . . I wanna be sedated

Well, it's actually about 36 hours to the HOT, but still.


Tapers are so weird. I feel like I haven't done much. On the way back from PT I realized I didn't have my key, so I didn't strength train because I had no time - had to run meet Al and get my key. PT's say I should take 3 full rest days following the race, too. Ouch. That's gonna hurt. Anyway, this is probably the last post you will see from me until Sunday night or Monday morning. I leave in the AM for Jax and I don't know if I'll have internet access. But I will post a full report, especially considering that I am doing this race as part of the V-Team 26.2k.

I'm really lucky. The weather has cooled down thanks to some afternoon rain storms. It'll be in the high 80s instead of the mid-90s. Part of me wants it to hurry up and get here. Part of me wants it to go really slow. In any case, when I return, I won't be an Ironman, but I'll be an Olympian. Well, sort of.

Bloggers who want to meet up at the race, get at me via - it goes to my phone. Everybody go fast, be safe, have fun. Love, peace, hairgrease!

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