I'm either really committed . . . or I should be committed.

Planning next year is going to be very exciting.

I found out this week that I can drop my double major with a minor down to a single major with a double minor and graduate next semester (May 2008). I have been taking a break because I was too sick, but after going to college while working for over 10 years, I said screw it.

Maybe it isn't the right time to go back. Maybe my health isn't good enough. Training has been keeping me well, and taking my focus away from it could make me feel bad again. Maybe the stress will be too much. But, as Breen likes to say, "if is the middle word in life." If I don't take the chance, who knows what I'm missing, and I certainly don't want to be the longest-running student Rollins has ever had. And I can't get to grad school without those 5 stupid classes.

It's going to be like adding eggs gradually to an overflowing basket. On Monday, the day after my big race, I will also return to school 2 days a week. I'm taking 8 credit hours while I marathon train and prepare my portfolio for graduation. Then, in September, I will return to work full-time. At the end of November, I shift my focus back to triathlon. January I go up to 3 classes (12 credit hours). And, right before graduation, St. Anthony's happens. That's my first "A" race of the year. I am more nervous about this than about racing. I am praying and hoping that I am able to emerge from the last part of this year and the beginning of next year with all my eggs - or at least without breaking any.

Well, at least it will keep my mind off being nervous about races.

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